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Keiko Mandai’s Musikal Profile


Keiko Mandai is from Hiroshima City.

Born in Kanagawa, Japan.


After graduating from the Kunitachi College of Music,

she entered the Saarland State Music University in Germany.


In May 1998, she received a special award

at the Berlin College of Art Chamber’s music competition.



In 2003, she was invited and preformed at the International Isang Yun Music Festival in Tong-Yong, Korea.


In Germany, she has performed and recorded many contemporary music and ensembles in various orchestras.


From 2002, she enrolled as a flute and piccolo player at the Lower Saxony Sate Theater.


She was also a flute instructor at the Hildesheim University and Hildesheim Music School.


In August 2010, she returned home after 15 years of music life in Germany.


From 2011, she was a part-time Instructor at the Elizabeth Music College

and also a member of the Flute Concord Hiroshima.


She is a director of Central Japan’s Flute Association and also a delegate of the Japan Flute Association.


In April 2017 she became an official full time Instructor at the Elisabeth Music College.


She has been focusing her strength on numerous performances, developing her students’ abilities and talents, and music lessons from abroad interpretations.


Until present she has studied the flute under, Sachiko Tamaki, Akira Doi, Naotaka Nishida, Tarou Otomo, Roswitha Staege, Kahrheinz Zöller.


She has also studied the piccolo under, Christiane Hermann and Instrumental Music Education by Annette von Stackelberg.


She has also participated in master lever classes from the greats, Mr. Aurel Nicole and Michael Martin Koffler.

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